Herkimer County

1992 Local Laws

Table Of Contents:

Local Law #1 of 1992 - A local law to provide that the exemption for solar or wind energy systems pursuant to Real Property Tax Law Section 487 shall not be applicable within the County of Herkimer


Local Law #2 of 1992 - A local law authorizing an administrative supervision fee for supervising DWI Probationers, pursuant to executive law section 257-c


Local Law #3 of 1992 - A local law amending section 205 and section 206 of the Charter of the County of Herkimer to provide for determining the number of legislative districts and the boundaries thereof by local law and to provide for necessary change in legislative districts after each federal census 


Introductory Local Law #5 of 1992 -  A local law determining legislative districts in and for the County of Herkimer (defeated by referendum vote held 2/22/93)

1992 Local Laws (PDF - 707.3 KB)