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Only money orders or exact cash if filing in person will be

accepted as payment for filing application for civil service exams.

Personal checks will NOT be accepted.





Examinations - Anticipated FUTURE Exams



Job Postings 




Different jobs have different requirements.


Some jobs require that you take an exam to be considered for a permanent job. 

These are called COMPETITIVE positions.



There are three types of positions that have no exam requirements:


EXEMPT positions are those where the employer decides the qualifications of applicants and chooses the person they want to hire. The process is similar to that found in private industry.



NON-COMPETITIVE positions have specific education and experience requirements that you must meet. Employers choose from among the qualified people who apply.



LABOR positions have no requirements. Employers may choose anyone for these jobs.




Most of the positions in Herkimer County departments, towns, villages, school districts, City of Little Falls, Herkimer County Community College (except education positions) are filled by one of the above criteria.




If you are interested in a tested or a non-tested position, you must complete the same application, available here from our website or our office at the address above.


Herkimer County Title VI Policy Statement

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