Herkimer County

2013 "Nutrition News" Newsletter

January 2013 (PDF - 301.1 KB)
The Importance of a Portion; How many portions should I have each day?; Chicken Spinach Feta lasagna
February 2013 (PDF - 169.5 KB)
Diet and Heart Disease; Women and Heart Disease; Heart Healthy Recipes(Apples and Granola Breakfast Crisp)
March 2013 (PDF - 345.1 KB)
National Nutrition Month; Food and Nutrition Tips from the ADA; Food and Physical Activity
April 2013 issue (PDF - 393.1 KB)
Cancer and Nutrition; Superfoods; Table of Vitamins & Minerals; Recipe for Berry Muffins
May 2013 (PDF - 212.8 KB)
The Benefits of Physical Activities
June 2013 issue (PDF - 344.1 KB)
Medications and Food
July 2013 (PDF - 305.8 KB)
Vitamin Intake & Mental Health; Obesity & Mental Health; Portion Size of Home Delivered Meals; OFA is Providing More Locally Grown Food
August 2013 (PDF - 274.7 KB)
Managing Chronic Conditions; Diabetes & Carbohydrate counting; Hypertension & Nutrition; Healthy Summer Snacks 

September 2013 (PDF - 303.7 KB)
Protecting Yourself Against the Flu; Immune Boosting Foods; National Cholestrol Month
October 2013 (PDF - 343.6 KB)
National Breast Cancer Awareness Month; BMI and risk of cancer; Recommendations from the experts; Recipe: Lemon Zucchini Bread
November 2013 (PDF - 254.1 KB)
NatioAmerican Diabetes Month; Carbohydrate Content of Foods; Sugar Substitutes; Consequendes of Untreated Diabetes
December 2013 (PDF - 292.4 KB)