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Assistance Applying for Medicare Savings Program

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Office for the Aging staff will provide assistance with applying for the Medicare Savings Program 


Medicare Savings Program ( MSP)

What is the Medicare Saving Program? The MSP is funded by the State Medicaid program. It is also known as the Medicare Buy-In program that helps pay for costs if you are financially limited.  The Medicare Savings Program will pay your Part B premium for you each month.  This premium is taken out of your Social Security Check on a monthly basis.  In certain situations if your income is low enough it will pay for co-payments for Medicare covered services.


To qualify as an individual your income needs to be under $1,357 per month and for a couple your income needs to be under $1,823.  If your income is above these levels you may still qualify.  If you pay a Supplemental Insurance Premium not including your Medicare premium you can deduct that amount from your income and check the income guidelines.  For example if you are an individual with a monthly income of $1,349 monthly and you pay a Supplemental Insurance premium of $150 per month, you would still qualify for the Medicare Savings Program.



For assistance with an application for the Medicare Savings Program, please contact NY Connects or Office for the Aging at 867-1415

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