Herkimer County

2012 "Nutrition News" Newsletter

January 2012 (PDF - 165.4 KB)
New Year Day Food Continued; Turkey Meat Loaf; Healthy Eating Tips as you Age; Nutrition in the Kitchen; Name Change for American Dietetic Association
February 2012 (PDF - 151.8 KB)
February is Heart Month
March 2012 (PDF - 137.9 KB)
March is National Nutrition Month; Vitamin K and Coumadin; Vitamin K Foods Healthy Soup Recipe; Nutrition in the Kitchen: Cutting back on Fats
April 2012 (PDF - 131.0 KB)
Nutrition facts about eggs; Preventing food poisoning in older adults; OFA senior nominations
May 2012 (PDF - 199.1 KB)
Healthy Eating on a Budget; Brown Rice Pudding; Got Mushrooms?
June 2012 (PDF - 150.4 KB)
History of Cheese; Types of Cheeses; Dairy Recipe; Color you plate with salad
July 2012 (PDF - 229.5 KB)
Salt and Sodium: Tips to cut back; Drink Water; Greek Chick Pea Recipe; and Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Recipe
August 2012 (PDF - 171.5 KB)
Tips for choosing Healthier Foods; Mediterranean Salad; Diabetes & Carbohydrates; Healthy Eating Tips as You Age
September 2012 (PDF - 167.7 KB)
Visit Your Local Farmers' Markets!; Hypoglycemia signs & treatments, Fast acting sugars & emergencies; Low Sodium Terms; Very Lemony Chicken recipe
October 2012 (PDF - 193.2 KB)

Health benefits of pumpkins; Choosing a nutrient rich diet; The importance of protein; Recipe: Pizza with Butternut Squash and Artichokes

November 2012 (PDF - 273.5 KB)
A Bountiful Thanksgiving; A variety of side dishes; Playing it safe in the kitchen; Save room for dessert
December 2012 (PDF - 389.6 KB)
Nutritent Needs As We Age; Medication and Food