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Medicare Savings Propgram (MSP)

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Medicare Savings Program ( MSP)


What is the Medicare Saving Program? The MSP is funded by the State Medicaid program. It is also known as the Medicare Buy-In program that helps pay for costs if you are financially limited.  The Medicare Savings Program will pay your Part B premium for you each month.  This premium is taken out of your Social Security Check on a monthly basis.  In certain situations if your income is low enough it will pay for co-payments for Medicare covered services.


To qualify as an individual your income needs to be under $1357 per month and for a couple your income needs to be under $1823.  If your income is above these levels you may still qualify.  If you pay a Supplemental Insurance Premium not including your Medicare premium you can deduct that amount from your income and check the income guidelines.  For example if you are an individual with a monthly income of $1,357 monthly and you pay a Supplemental Insurance premium of $150 per month, you would still qualify for the Medicare Savings Program.



For more information, please contact NY Connects or Office for the Aging at 867-1415

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