Herkimer County

Caregiver Newsletter

Table Of Contents:
This is a monthly newsletter designed for caregivers.
June 2009 Issue (PDF - 936.8 KB)
Falls & Home Safety; Taking Care of Yourself: Get a Pedometer
July 2009 issue (PDF - 888.1 KB)
Abuse & Neglect: Love Shouldn't Hurt; Types of Abuse; Taking Care of Yourself: Hobbies to Reduce Stress
August 2009 issue (PDF - 248.6 KB)
Recognizing Pain or a Worsening Condition; Taking Care of Yourself: Worried or anxious?
September 2009 (PDF - 289.6 KB)
Better Communication: Communication is Not Just Speaking:  Being Heard, Talking with a Stroke Survivor, Understanding Alzheimer's.  Taking Care of Yourself: "Lighten Up" and Live Longer; Paying for Hearing Aids.
October 2009 (PDF - 1022.7 KB)
November 2009 (PDF - 1.0 MB)
December 2009 (PDF - 339.5 KB)
Tricking a Senior out of money
What you eat matters; Nutrition and Mental Health; Food for the Brain; Eating and Emotions