Herkimer County

Medicaid Non - Emergency Transportation

Table Of Contents:

Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation

Program Overview:

This program assures that transportation is availbable for Herkimer County Medicaid clients to medical appointments.

All trips must be prior authorized and arranged through Medical Answering Service, LLC.


Referral Criteria:

Clients must be eligible for Medicaid in Herkimer County and meet all other screening criteria.

Referral Process:

Contact should be made with Medical Answering Services, LLC at 1-866-753-4524.


Q. How do I schedule Medicaid Transportation?

A.  You can call Medical Answering Services, LLC to schedule transportation at 1-866-753-4524, send a fax to (315)299-2786 or get a user name and password and set up Medicaid transportation for you and your family at http://www.medanswering.com/.    All Medicaid trips should be called in at least three (3) days in advance. 


Q.  What level of transportation will I get?

A.  Medicaid enrollees are expected to go to their medical appointments the same way that they travel to other places on a daily basis.  


Q. Will Medicaid pay for long distance transportation out of town?
A. Medical Answering Services will arrange long distance trips out of town when medically necessary.  Long distance trips out of town may take more time to arrange and need to be scheduled at least on week (7 days) in advance if possible so there is enough time to make travel arrangements for you.