Herkimer County

Indigent Burials


 Indigent Burials

The Commissioner of Social Services is responsible for the burial of any Herkimer County resident that has less than $1,500 in available resources.

A complete funeral shall include:

  • Preparation of the body, which includes embalming
  • Use of the preparation room
  • LIMITED use of the facilities (an evening of calling hours)
  • Arrangements and supervision, including personnel
  • Standard minimum cloth casket with oval crown
  • Religious services at the funeral home
  • Necessary sundry items

Additional Charges:

  • The cost of one grave
  • The cost of opening and closing one grave (burial is to be in the town of residency unless otherwise pre-authorized prior to burial)
  • Winter vault charges
  • The cost of a concrete rough box when required by the cemetery
  • The cost of cremation

Eligibility Criteria:
Less than $1,500 in resources.

Referral Procedure:
An application for burial must be filed prior to any arrangements being finalized.

A death notice shall be provided and will be at the expense of family or friends. Upon their failure to provide such notice, the funeral director shall provide one notice in a newspaper of his/her choice.

Client Fees:

All available assets must be contributed.