Herkimer County

Child Support Enforcement


Child Support Enforcement

The Child Support Enforcement program helps to strengthen families and reduce welfare spending by placing the responsibility for supporting children on those with the financial resources to provide such support. For families receiving public assistance, the establishment and enforcement of support obligations provides a step toward self-sufficiency. Furthermore, by providing child support enforcement services to families not in receipt of public assistance, future dependence on public assistance is avoided (Source: NYSDCSE)

Recipients and applicants for child support services receive assistance in the following areas:

1) Location investigation, 2) Paternity and Child Support establishment, 3) Child Support enforcement and collection.

State supervised and locally administered, the child support unit provides these services through a variety of court-based and administrative processes.

Eligibility Criteria:

Child Support Enforcement services are automatically provided to all custodial parents with children receiving Temporary Assistance to Needy Families and Safety Net Assistance, unless cooperation with the child support agency may result in physical or emotional harm to the custodial parent or child. Child support services are provided upon application to all other eligible individuals, including parents, guardians or caretakers of children not receiving public assistance for whom child support is needed (Source NYSDSCE).

Referral Process:

Common application or direct referrals from other agencies/programs.

Client Fees:

Currently no application fee exists. In the future there may be fees assessed to third parties associated with certain actions.