Herkimer County

Child Care Assistance (Day Care)


Program Overview:


Day care assistance is an income eligible program available to assist working parents. The Day Care Unit keeps a current listing of registered day care homes in Herkimer County, which is available to the general public. The Mid-York Child Care Coordination Council also provides childcare referrals. Location and choosing daycare, however, is the responsibility of the client. Day Care payment can be made for:

  • Low Income Families
  • Individuals receiving Temporary Assistance or Food Stamps benefits, who are required to participate in work activities.
  • Transitional Child Care Assistance may be available when an individual's Temporary Assistance case is closed.

Eligibility Criteria:
Low Income Day Care only -

  • Employed (two parent working household - both working)
  • Income Eligible
  • Meet 200% of poverty guidelines

Referral Process:
Application can be mailed or is available at the Department of Social Services.

Client Fees:

Parent fee based on income.

Child Care Assistance FAQ's


Q. What are the age guidelines for Day Care?
A. Infants to under 13 years of age. A child with special needs of any age may be eligible for Day Care Assistance. Documentation from a medical or mental health professional must be provided.

Q. Must a Day Care provider be registered in order to qualify for Child Care Assistance?
A. No. An informal child care provider such as a relative, friend of the family , or a trusted neighbor must receive department approval,. Registered providers are paid at a higher rate, but unregistered providers also qualify.

Q. How are providers reimbursed?
A. Providers submit documentaion to the Day Care Unit on a monthly basis. The documentaion consists of a time sheet indicating the child's name, age and days of care. Upon receipt of this documentation, the Day Care Unit processes payment.

Q. Does Child Care Assistance cover parents who are enrolled in a college program?
A. No.

Q. Does part-time work qualify?
A. Yes. The number of hours worked is not a factor

Q. Do other custodial relatives qualify for Child Care Assistance?
A. Yes. Only the child's income is considered. Documentation of custody must be provided.

Q. Does an individual need a child support order to receive Day Care Assistance?
A. As of May 15, 2004 the individual must actively pursue child support/child care monies in order to qualify.

Q. How does someone become a registered day care provider?
A. Contact Mid-York Child Care Coordinating Council at 1-888-814-5437

Q. Are foster care parents eligible for Child Care Assistance?
A. Yes. Working foster parents are eligible for Child Care Assistance. Household income is not considered.