Herkimer County

Adult Protective Services


Adult Protective Services


Adult Protective Services is a service provided to individuals who are:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Unable to protect his/her own interests due to lack of awareness or incompetence
  • Incapacitated due to a physical or mental impairment
  • In danger of being harmed or threatened with harm
  • Have an unmet need such as failure to receive adequate food, shelter, or clothing
  • Have no one willing or able to assist responsibility

Services Provided by the Adult Protective Services Unit include:


  • Identifying such adults who need assistance and have no one willing and able to help
  • Assessing the individual's situation and service needs
  • Serve as case managers in order to facilitate the involvement of relatives, legal resources, health services, other Department of Social Services, and community agencies
  • Assist in arrranging for appropriate alternative living arrangements
  • Arrange for guardianships, conservatorship, or other protective placement as needed
  • Petition the court for a short term Involuntary Protective Services Order on behalf of certain involuntary clients.
  • Function as conservatory, representative payee, or protective payee where it is determined such services are needed.

Cost: There is no charge for Adult Protective Services. Eligibility is not based on income.

Referral Process:
Any concerned person or agency may make a referral to the Herkimer County Department of Social Services, Referrals may be anonymous and confidential. An individual may call for help him/herself.